I’m no guru, just curious

My name is Chris and I pastor a Presbyterian congregation in Canada. That means I am seminary trained and daily involved in trying to help folks dig deeper into faith.

I live in a relatively urban area in one of Canada’s largest cities with my wife and three children. Like many others I face the noise of the city, the frustrations of trying to find beautiful and calm environments, I have a schedule that can get demanding and many people pulling for my attention. If that sounds familiar I hope this site will prove helpful to you.

Why do this? 

  • Because it it may motivate me to experiment with spiritual practices and clarify how they affect me and my relationships.
  • Because I believe many folks need a bit more Spirit in their lives and mostly we aren’t too sure how to accomplish that, especially Christians because in many ways we threw the baby out with the bath water in the reformation. 

Like many I am on a journey. Few are the practices and rituals I do daily. I am not a guru, and have little claim to you attention, and that is how it should be. The point is the practices and what God might do in and through you as you try them, not who I am.

  • I expect this site to have various practical tools for you to try out
  • I would love for you to take what is helpful and dump what is not, and, if you are willing, let me know. 
  • Success in this little effort would be if anyone (even me) finds themselves closer to God, with a posture of greater gratitude, confidence and peace, for having been involved in the project.