How often do you rest?

I don’t mean watch Netflix (or whatever you watch).

I don’t mean sitting staring at your phone.

I don’t mean binge eating nor working out.

I don’t mean hanging out with friends or family. 

I mean REST, like really rest?

Sabbath, a full day of rest is, sadly, not likely what I mean. 

How often do you find yourself sitting or lying down doing nothing, not trying to fall asleep, or talking with others or listening to music. 

Just sitting still. 

Maybe it is because of the age of my children (6-10-12) or maybe it’s the age of my knees (40) but lately I have repeatedly found myself resting like I haven’t rested since before the iPhone was invented. 

Seriously, I have been sitting and doing nothing, not meditating or praying, nothing, like I haven’t done since I was a bored teenager too dumb to appreciate such rest. 

Starring out the window, watching a cat, looking at an old familiar painting on the wall. Resting, still, calm in body and mind. I like it. 

Resting is a form of pushing back against the culture of business, muchness, moreness, biggerness…

The bible tells us God rested and it was good. It also tells Jesus went off alone and rarely hurried which I take to mean he at times rested too (on top of the Sabbath rhythm he surely followed), and that we are commanded to rest and make sure everyone and everything associated with us rests from time to time. 

When is the last time you rested?

Sat still doing nothing and with nothing to do?

When (if ever) have you created a space for others to do so?

It has been a habit I am slipping into gently, not intentionally. Maybe I am tired or just have more time on my hands, or am less ambitious than I have been. Whatever it is, it is winter and I am happily wintering. 

As the Big Holiday Week approaches I encourage you to let rest happen (after going to church services, donating to your favourite charities, eating great food, and helping others, of course:) 

I don’t think you need to force it or schedule it. My experience lately is that the act is merely to notice it when you are resting, embrace it, and when you must move on with the turkey cooking, gift sorting, cat litter cleaning, maybe say a prayer of thanks for the moment of pause you have enjoyed. 

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