The crisp clear air of autumn is upon us and many are we who send time outside these days to bask in it. I have come to realize that there is a perfect moment, the air is just right, the light is just so, and life smells of glory. A moment during which I recall that the hills are alive with the sound of music but when I visit certain places this time of year I am certain the lyrics are “hallelujah amen.” 

If we find the right spot, any spot will do—this time of year, the thought might drift into the mind this is what music looks like. This is what Wendell Berry meant by the peace of wild things (I think).

In a world dealing with war

In a world dealing with inflation and interest rates

In a world dealing with climate change

In a world dealing with loneliness 

In a world dealing with an obesity epidemic

In a world rushed

In a world like ours

Pausing in the autumnal glow revives the weary soul. Reminds us what it is to be alive. For those lucky and blessed but he trees this holy pause reminds us whose image we are created in and whose love is ours for the accepting.

We are called to taste and see the the Lord is good and I would suggest to you that in walking up a hill on a crisp day, in standing in awe of the colours on a single tree, we can well and truly taste and see. 

My middle lad enjoying the leaves

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