Many people are scared, frustrated, anxious, and the like as we head into 2022. As a result I perceive a lot of what I would describe as tip-toeing into 2022. You know, only sort-of making plans, plenty of hesitation, setting low expectations, we are wiser now we think, more realistic about Covid and it’s implications for our lives in Canada…you might even say we feel savvy.

Here’s the thing: that savviness comes at the cost of hope. 

What did you hope for when 2020 began?

What did you hope for when 2021 rolled around?

What are you hoping for now?

While there is much to grieve in our strange times, Christians are called to grieve but not as those without hope. We have eternal hopes and the reformed pastor in me wants to leave it there. Still, I also have more immediate hopes.

I don’t want to give up on hope. I want to expect awesome and mighty things in 2022. I expect love to flow, I expect kids to grow, I expect faith to expand (and maybe my waistline just oh so slightly:). I expect time with parents & with friends, on lakes, skiing, skating, by fires, good books to read, interesting podcasts to listen to, runs and bike rides and freezies. I expect to raise my voice in song along with others praising God.

No, I am not going to tip-toe into 2022 I am going lay down some hopes and expectations, like every year I will only manage to complete some and like every year new good things will pop up that I did not expect (like getting a OneWheel and rekindling a love for swimming in 2021). 

I am reading the bible this year as I do most years. 

I have added a 2 month psalms reading plan so I will cover that 6 times this year. 

I am journalling and I am writing on this blog.

I am taking my little ones skiing and looking forward to summer holidays and waterparks. 

I am intentionally having long slow conversation with my wife.

I am avoiding alcohol.

I am (more often than I care to) staying home and this is what that looks like. 

Gone are the pyjama days, the unnecessary zoom meetings, the complaints about matters beyond my control.

Hello 2022. 

What are you hoping for?

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