This weekend is Thanksgiving and while Covid is still with us and some rules are still on place I am going to go ahead and guess that this will still be a busy weekend for many of us. It would be a shame to get to the end of a long weekend and not have found a bit of time for quiet reflection. It would be an even greater shame to get to the end of Thanksgiving weekend without having truly said thanks. This is not something I have offered in this space before. It is a simply guided meditation. To do it well one only has to read it as slowly as you feel comfortable. Embrace the silence.

We are going to practice something I like to call the “thank you” meditation. There will be long silences in this and it will end with a brief prayer. If you are uncomfortable with prayer, just stop reading when you get there;) 

Wherever you are sit comfortably.

Notice any discomfort in your body, scratch the itches, adjust the limbs, get comfortable.

You may place your hands on your lap or on your belly so you can feel the air flowing through your body. 

Notice the air enters a bit cold through the nostrils and leaves a bit warm through the mouth. 

Take 3 or four deep breathes, in the noise, out the mouth. 

Direct your breath towards stillness. 

Release your body and its health to God. We are grateful to be alive, we are grateful for the air flowing in and out. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

As thoughts come, we let them pass, and notice our breath.

When we breath in we say thank you

When we breath out we say lord

Thank you


Thank you 


Lord, may our minds be transformed by your work in us, may we notice you at work in our hearts and in our world. Guide us evermore towards you. We pray in Jesus’s name. 

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